<<< ATM Outage • 21 September 2023 >>>

We are currently experiencing an outage of our ATM network due to a vendor issue. We are working diligently to resolve this issue.

Which ATMs are available?

Our ATMs at the following locations are unaffected and you can continue using them as normal.

  • Hopkinsville Boulevard,  KY Banking Center
  • Elkton, KY Banking Center
  • Cadiz, KY Banking Center
  • Murray, KY Banking Center
  • Benton, KY Banking Center
  • Calvert City, KY Banking Center
  • Huck’s | 501 N Hershey Rd, Bloomington, IL
  • Huck’s | 2401 S Main St, Bloomington, IL
  • Huck’s | 501 Madison Ave, Charleston, IL
  • Huck’s | 1515 Washington Ave, Vincennes, IN
  • Huck’s | 2816 N 6th St, Vincennes, IN
  • Huck’s | 1521 Hart St, Vincennes, IN
  • Mike’s Stop & Shop | 2900 S State Rd 63, Terre Haute, IN
  • Brazil Eastside, IN Banking Center
  • Clay City, IN Banking Center
  • Clinton, IN Banking Center
  • Conference Center Terre Haute, IN
  • Wabash Ave Terre Haute, IN
  • Farmersburg, IN Banking Center
  • Fort Harrison, Terre Haute, IN Banking Center
  • Marshall, IL Banking Center
  • Meadows Terre Haute, IN Banking Center
  • North 3rd St Terre Haute, IN
  • Riley, IN
  • Rockville, IN Banking Center
  • Springhill, Terre Haute, IN Banking Center (1)
  • Sullivan, IN Banking Center
  • Tennis Bubble Terre Haute, IN
  • West Terre Haute, IN Banking Center
  • Main Office Terre Haute, IN Banking Center drive-up
  • Seelyville, IN Banking Center
  • Sycamore Terrace Terre Haute, IN Banking Center
  • Baesler’s | Terre Haute, IN
  • Cayuga, IN Banking Center
  • Greencastle, IN Banking Center
  • Robinson, IL Banking Benter
  • Robinson, IL Motor Banking Center
  • Washington, IN Banking Center

How do I get cash from my account(s)?

We have suspended our out-of-network ATM fees, so you can use any ATM to access your cash.

Whenever you are shopping, you can also request cash back from merchants when using your debit card for purchases.

We appreciate your patience and will keep you informed as the issue is resolved.

<<< Fraud Alert • 07 September 2023 • Account Restricted Text Message >>>

Some customers have reported receiving a fraudulent text message stating their account has been restricted/locked for security reasons and to follow a link to verify/unlock their account(s).

This message is not from First Financial Bank.

The link in the message will redirect to a page not affiliated with First Financial Bank.

Do not click any link, respond to the text message, reply to any email address or call any included phone number in this message.

Your message may be similar to this, but with slight variations. The sending (from) email address or phone number, and the link in the text message itself may differ from the examples below.

If you did respond to one of these messages or share any information, please contact our Customer Contact center immediately at 800-511-0045 to assist in securing your account(s).

Your safety is important to us. First Financial Bank will never ask for your personal or account information via text message or over the phone.

You should never share account numbers, card numbers, social security numbers, birth date, or any other personal identity information with a random contact regardless of how they reached out to you. Your your bank(s), credit card(s) and other financial institutions have this information on file.

Any attempt to get this information from you, whether an unsolicited phone call, voicemail, email, text message, or other communication method is an attempt to compromise your personal and financial information for fraudulent purposes.

Reported Text Messages

Text message 1 • Reported 07 September 23

FRM:First Financial Bank
MSG:For Security reasons, we have restricted your account. verify Now <link>.

Text message 2 • Reported 08 September 23

SUBJ:First Financial Bank
MSG:We locked your account due to suspicious activity. To unlock Follow the link<link>

Visual sample 1

September 7, 2023 Fraud Alert - account locked, verify details visuals sample. Matches text provided in post above this image.

Visual sample 2

Alternate sample of phishing text message.

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If you’re trying to stick to a budget, CardGuard can help. Set spending limits for general use or by type of merchant. CardGuard lets you change parameters 24/7 using your mobile phone. When you’re traveling or shopping for the holidays, it’s quick and easy to update the controls to fit special spending needs.

Keep yourself and your finances secure.

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