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A word from our CEO.

First Financial Bank is on a mission. We’re dedicated to helping families, businesses, and communities spend, save, borrow and invest. Today, we recognize that continued success and sustainability means moving forward with an efficient and a socially conscious approach.

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Investing in the future.

First Financial is committed to sustainability and future growth. It starts at the top, where the Board has committed to periodic reviews of how environmental and social factors affect First Financial, as well as what initiatives and strategies are needed to meet these challenges. Additionally, in 2021, we focused on optimizing our network of banking centers, resulting in an expected significant reduction in electricity, gas and water usage.

Diverse Community

Lifting up our community.

We’re dedicated to building a work environment where passionate people can contribute, learn and grow via targeted recruitment, development and retention. A collaborative and growth mindset allows us to continually develop and improve the customer experience.

Prioritizing inclusivity.

Having a diverse workforce is an essential component of future success. Building a culture that promotes workforce inclusion, open dialogue on diversity/equity/inclusion (DEI) and employee awareness gives businesses a wider breadth of ideas, inputs, backgrounds and perspectives to work with. In 2020 and 2021 we expanded the board to include three new diverse board members and created a position dedicated to managing diversity, equity and inclusion for our organization.


Leading by example.

Communication is always top of mind when it comes to keeping our customers engaged on topics of privacy, cybersecurity, financial education, banking services and economic inclusion. Furthermore, all First Financial associates are required to complete annual training to help protect our network and data. This, when combined with our dedication to hiring executives who prioritize smart decision making and risk mitigation, allows us to offer our customers a stellar banking experience.

Read the full report.

For all the details on what First Financial Bank is doing to empower families, businesses and communities with smart financial solutions read the full report.

Download full Corporate Responsibility report