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Put financial literacy first.

Make sure you have a strong foundation for your finances by equipping yourself with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions.

First Financial Bank has assembled the following list of tools to guide you on your journey. We are here to help you with your financial independence.

Create your nest egg.

Understanding how to save money and setting manageable goals can provide financial freedom. Saving for your future frees you to make plans and be prepared for the rainy days. Learn about the best ways to save.


Financial education and planning.

At First Financial we believe a well prepared person can do anything they want in life. Take control of your finances by learning how to plan and manage your money and credit.

Plan for homeownership.

We want to help you own a home. Home ownership is a rewarding experience. A place for yourself and your family to call your own. Check out these courses that can help you understand home ownership and take an active role in your feature.

credit card

Responsible credit.

Taking control of your credit and actively managing it will allow you to obtain lower interest rates, get easier approvals for loans, and provide more negotiating power. Learn how to be more responsible with your credit.

Protect yourself from fraud and abuse.

An important part of managing your finances is staying on top of your credit and avoiding scams designed to steal your hard owned money. Learn how to check on your credit, report abuse and increase your financial IQ.